Since 1978


40+ Years of

  • Innovation.

  • Quality.

  • Excellence.

The Exclusive Agents of Max Weishaupt GmbH in the Middle East and GCC

We are a family-run business dedicated to providing

sustainable, quality-assured, and environmentally friendly

energy-saving solutions to our partners across the globe.

We are a family-run business dedicated to providing sustainable, quality assured, and environment friendly energy saving solutions to our partners across the globe.

Training and certification

is conducted for our engineers on a yearly basis in Schwendi, Germany. They learn a variety of techniques on troubleshooting and preventive maintenance.

Highest market share

in the UAE and KSA. 65% - 70% of the factories that we have visited have our brand equipped.

Shrinking CO emissions

to values as low as 5-10 PPM - a substantially lower emission rate than what is required.

Fastest service

in the market, with a 24 hour response time in case of emergencies.

We offer a broad range of burners

  • W

  • Monarch

  • Industrial

  • WK

  • Marine

And all their spare parts


Our spare parts are sourced directly from Germany and can be delivered within an estimated 2-3 days.

Our Services

Boiler Installation

Burner Installation

Energy Audit

Service and Cleaning

Renewable Solutions

Industries We Serve


Chemical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry


Paper Industry

Foundries & Steel Furnaces

Textile Industry

Cement Industry

Petroleum Oil Refineries

Ceramic Industry

Dairy Industry

Success Stories

Reducing Emissions

Food Processing Plant


This processing plant had two 15+ year old single fuel L burners that caused a steady increase in operating costs and emission rates.

We replaced them with the new Monarch series burners which are digital dual fuel models. The result was a significant decrease in their fuel consumption and emissions due to the digital optimization of combustion.


Cutting Costs

Aerated Concrete Factory


This factory had a single fuel burner that broke down frequently which led to high losses.

We successfully replaced their old burner with a Weishaupt dual fuel burner that includes a control panel and sound absorber. After years of using their new WKGL70 burner, they have had no breakdowns and zero downtimes.


Eliminating Downtime

Agro Commodities Producers


This factory had an old burner which broke down often. We replaced it with a new Weishaupt WK70 burner which cut their operating cost significantly. We also provided them with the latest PLC panel which allowed them to manage their operation effortlessly and made troubleshooting easier.